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Finding Freedom From Hurts, Habits, And Hang Ups.

CR Meets every Monday at 6pm in our youth building.

Celebrate Recovery IS:

An anonymous, confidential, safe place to share your experience, strength, and hope with others who are struggling with the same issues.

A leader who has gone through a similar hurt, habit, or hang-up facilitates the group as it focuses on a particular step each week.

A tried-and-true plan of recovery for whatever struggle you are facing.

An opportunity to share what Jesus Christ has done in your life.

A place to be who you are and celebrate God's Love for you!

Celebrate Recovery is NOT:

A place to judge others

A place to “fix" others

A place to engage in gossip

A place to feel shame or have secrets

A place to meet dating partners

Please contact us so we can help you on your journey to freedom!